What do our clients think?

"Carpal Tunnel Syndrome... When my name came up for the operation at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary I had to explain to the consultant that I had recovered completely after using Chinese herbal remedy. The consultant was absolutely astonished at the improvement and has asked for your contact details."

Mrs W Orlinski, Huddersfield, 2002

"I was diagnosed with a very rare disease and was told I would eventually loose [sic] my eyesight. I was also made very ill through the toxic medication the hospital put me on... I feel well and my eyesight is still good, I have a lot of faith in Dr Li and his medicine, it has given me hope for the future."

Ms C Chadwick, Filey, 2002

"We would like to express our deep gratitude for the course of treatment you prescribed for Rene during the summer. This not only cured the severe case of eczema from which she had suffered for so long, but has made her feel better in every way.

Before trying TCM we had gone through every process recommended by western medicine without any success. We were deeply grateful for the great kindness and skill you showed throughout this quite amazingly successful treatment. It has given Rene a completely new lease of life.

Our very best wishes to you and your family and, once again, our heartfelt thanks."

J and R Blashill, Otley, 2007

"I am writing to you to thank you for the treatment I have received at your clinic, and to express my delight and surprise that my apparently 'operable' Chronic Compartment Syndrome to my left shin muscle (or Tibialis Anterior) is now fully healed and back to normal.

Following an injury which I picked up whilst training heavily, I visited a leading lower limb orthopaedic specialist surgeon early in 2010, and... was finally advised that I had Chronic Compartment Syndrome, and that the condition was virtually inoperable, due to the very low possibility of success... I therefore had to live with the injury, and curtail any mid range to heavy walking or running for good.

...You advised that you had experienced and treated this type of injury before, and that you were confident of a positive outcome. I therefore underwent a course of treatment with yourself for around three months, wherein acupuncture and herbal teas were used... you advised me to start walking again, and to build up that walks gradually... the toughest of the walks was when I completed 75% of the famous Lyke Wake Walk... At the end of the walk, I was in extreme pain in various part of my anatomy, but the Compartment Syndrome to my left leg was fine, and entirely pain free... Prior to this, just walking 100 yards at a stretch would result in significant pain to the injured limb.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your treatment and expertise, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your professional services to others."

Mr N Howieson, Leeds, 2013