Common Problems

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Back Pain

Whether it's a slipped disc, sciatica, muscular pain or just a general lower back pain, Maywa Clinic has a range of ways available to help you treat your problem. It is one of the most common complaints of all our clients, thus we are very experienced in dealing with this issue. Every individual will have their own particular needs, and the treatment is tailored accordingly to give maximum effect.

A typical course of treatment involves acupuncture, taking herbal medicine, and having acupressure with herbal oils and a special massaging technique especially effective at dealing with these types of pain.

We will also give advice on how you could minimise or prevent back pain during your everyday life. Things like your general exercise or even your sitting posture can have a significant effect of one's well-being.

Sports Injuries

China is world renowned for its Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Medicine. Sport, leisure and regular exercise is part of the Chinese way of life that has been adopted around the world. Maywa Clinic offers a more traditional and philosophical approach to sports injuries. Many sports people suffer injury throughout their career, yet because of their passion towards their sport, they persist. At out Sports Injury Clinic you can talk to Dr Li and get advice and treatment to get you back in action or back on track!

Whether you are a professional or an amateur, no matter what you sport, injuries affect you performance out in the zone, and uring training. Acupuncture and acupressure can give immediate and effective treatment to recent and re-ocurring injuries. Herbal tea is very effective for injuries that flare up from time to time.

Whilst Dr Li was an orthopaedic surgeon in China, he is particularly experienced in dealing with soft tissue injuries.

For that second opinion please call in, as our passion for cure is as strong as a champion's passion to WIN. If you are serious about your sport, then regular check ups are available with Maywa Clinic. Remember, your injury may not be the end of your sport!

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