Why Massage?

Massage therapies can be very beneficial for many problems. One example is in preventing or recovering from sports injuries. In the image above, a massage is combined with a cupping therapy (hence the circular marks) for a particular type of treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

The main feature of this type of massage is that it is more firm and a greater pressure is applied. Everyone can benefit from such a treatment, although it is especially suited for sportspeople as it is very effective for fighting muscle fatigue and stiffness, and provides good relaxation for the body.


Acupressure is acupuncture without needles. Gentle massage and fingertip pressure is as old as human beings, this was mankind's first medicine.

It is based on the same principles as acupuncture and has the same aim of restoring the flow of healing energy Qi but it uses finger pressure and gentle massage to achieve its effects. It differs from a massage since it requires an alternative technique of applying pressure. It can also be very effective in combating muscle stiffness.

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